I do not pretend to know a great deal about Militaria,
but I show here, for your interest, some pictures of
some Regimental Drum Horses which were well-known,
treasured and used throughout the last several hundred
years, by many and varied Military Regiments across
the world. As you will notice, not many were what we
think of as a Drum Horse today, since until recently
when it was recognized as a breed in the USA, "Drum Horse"
referred to an occupation and not a specific breed.
Most in the distant past, were in fact, light horse breeds.
However, even the light horse breeds used, had to be strong
enough to carry the rider and often two huge, very
weighty, Kettle Drums. These were made of brass or silver.
Drum Horses, while often used in parades, were not always
used to head up a Regiment going into battle. Those were
often headed by a lone "Kettle Drummer" - a poor fellow
carrying one Kettle Drum and sounding out a loud significant
cadence as he marched forward into the enemy lines and
with the whole Regiment following him. I presume Kettle
Drummers didn't have a particularly long life-span!
Don't think that Kettle Drums were always carried by
horses in Regimental Parades either. In some countries
Elephants and even Camels were used.
If you are particularly interested in Regiments, their
battles, their uniforms or horses, a Google search will
probably produce tons of information on the internet.
Within the following pages, I have tried to show as many
pictures as space will allow and have also divided
some into different Regiments.
I hope you enjoy our
look into some of the past Drum Horses.
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  • Our sincere thanks, to Anthony Hope,
    who kindly allowed us to show many of his
    wonderful pictures in the following pages.

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