Those new to the world of The Gypsy Horse, will notice many
of the same great Stallions of the past, often referred to
again and again, on web sites. Here we offer some photos so
you might view those horses so treasured by those who owned
them and indeed by all of us who now own their descendants.
Remember also, that many horses, then and now, were given or
known by, the same names. Those which we offer here are the
originals - the ones who left their indelible mark for the
history books.
When looking up photos
of horses which might appear on the pedigrees of those you
own, make sure you find the correct/original Stallions and
Mares and not those named after those originals years later.
We hope to add more rare photos to this page shortly.


HC's White Horse.
The Irish Mare
Jimmy Doyles Horse
of Ballymartin.

Unnamed Mare.

Sonny May's Horse.

The Ballinsloe Mare.

This wonderful old horse appears often in the pedigrees
of our horses today.
One of his most famous sons, Bob The Blagdon Horse,
looks almost exactly like him. The Lob left us in 2006 at over 30 years old
He certainly left his mark upon the breed and his get are often renowned
for their wonderful temperaments.
Bred originally, by Harry Conners, at his death
The Lob was proudly owned by Roy Price.


The Old Horse of Wales
The Sweeper Mare

JC's Irish Stallion

The JC Mare

The Old Black Horse

Unnamed Mare
One of the great producers of our time. He was everything a Gypsy Cob should be. The breed will mourn his loss at such a young age.
Proudly bred and owned, by Tom Price.
Photo courtesy William Collard.

The Old Black Horse
The Coal Horse
Unnamed Mare
Greying around the eyes and muzzle, this wonderful
old horse was over 25 in the picture. He is the Sire of
Legend Boy, Royal, Traveller and others who have made their
mark in the breed.
Photo Courtesy of Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses.

The Road Sweeper

The Coal Horse
Unnamed Mare
To those who have studied the breed, this fabulous
boy needs no introduction for he has produced and reproduced
himself in countless offspring.
Photos Courtesy of Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses.
The "Original Old Paddy" and many other famous stallions
of whom I have no photos, were also sons of the Coal Horse.

Syd's Good Stallion.

The Docked Tail Horse.

Daughter of The Lob
Syd's Good Stallion has produced many of the horses we
now treasure so greatly today. It was a tremendous tragedy
and great loss to the breed, when this wonderful Stallion
had to be put to sleep after a leg injury. I can only
imagine how devastated his owner was to have had to say
goodbye to him so early.
Photo Courtesy of Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses.

My favourite photo of The Original Old Kent Horse.

The Original Old Kent Horse.
Another great horse who appears in the pedigrees of many
of our horses today. Some old-timers, say he was the best
they ever saw!
Owned by Mick Harrington, these photos shows him at three years old.
Photos Courtesy of Mick Harrington.

As you know, tracing pedigrees of Gypsy Horses is very
difficult. That which I write on these pages is only
that which I have researched and discovered to the best
of my ability at this time. As I discover more, I will add
names, or change them if I find Ancestors are not those
horses which I had originally written. If you have photos
of famous Stallions or Mares, who are now no longer with us
and knowledge of their background/pedigrees etc. please do
let us know and we will be glad to add them to this page.
We will of course, give you full credit.

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