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We invite you, to meet Halcyon.
This absolutely superb mare, was bred by the Harker family in England. It is said that you can't go wrong, when the Harkers breed a horse and Halcyon certainly backs up that thinking.
They had held her back from sale for a year, hoping to bring her out to flash at Appleby, but thanks to Black Forest Shires and Gypsy Horses, she was brought to the US.
When Syd Harker was in the US a couple of years ago, he told us she was still one of his most favourite fillies.
With her gorgeous body, beautiful shoulder and neck, she boasts one of the prettiest heads you'll see in the breed. She stands at a solid 14.1 hands. Top that off with lovely hair, feather and beautiful markings, you see an outstanding example of the breed.
And this mare can move! Only three horses were ever bred from this background, all sisters and all known for their wonderful movement.
But the best of her looks, cannot compare with her temperament. She is sweet, sweet, sweet!
This is the mare I rode in The Rose Parade a couple of years ago. She had only had 30 days training at the time and sailed through it like a pro. She was also we believe, the youngest horse to have ever appeared in that parade, being only just three at the time.

DNA Colour Information.
Tobiano.nT.....Red Factor.EE.....Sabino1.nn.....Agouti.aa

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A close shot of Steph and Halcyon during The Rose Parade.

Here are the Gypsy Horses just starting off on the Parade Route.
The lead horses were Dinah of BFS, with Chris riding.
Next to her, Mary Lou in the blue dress, riding Miss Miniver.
2nd row. Steph riding Halcyon and next to her, Christie on Eddie.
Bringing up the rear was Kim riding BabyDoll and Jeff riding Rom Baro.
Our three "walkers" were Margaret, Nancy and Judy.
Well done all.


Shown here at just a year old
and while still in England, she's a bit muddy,
but I think you can see she is a lovely filly.

At two.

Halcyon at almost three years old.

Halcyon at four.

Halcyon at six.

Pedigree and information for Harlequin Farm's Halcyon.

Key to Colours shown in this and other Pedigrees on this site.
Obviously we don't always know the colour of horses which appear in our pedigrees of today.

b/w/t = Black and White Tobiano.
bay/w/t = Bay and White Tobiano.
r/w/t = Red and White Tobiano.
b/b = Black Blagdon.
bl/w/s = Blue Blagdon (Sabino)
r/w/s = Red Blagdon (Sabino)
bl = Black.
ch = Chestnut.

Sire. The Luke Conners Horse.b/w/t Sire.The Original Old Paddy Horse.b/w/t Sire. The Coal Horse Unnamed Stallion
Unnamed Mare.
Unnamed Mare Unnamed Stallion
Unnamed Mare.
Dam. Lob Daughter.b/w/t Sire. The Lob.b/b HC's White Horse by
Jimmy Doyles Horse of Ballymartin Ch. By Bens Horse of Banafay.Bay. By The Shaws Stallion.Grey.
Unnamed Mare.
Dam.Unnamed Mare. Unnamed Stallion.
Unnamed Mare.
Robert's London Mare. b/w/t.
Sire. Little Paddy.b/w/t Sire.
The Original Old Paddy Horse.b/w/t
The Coal Horse
Unnamed Mare
Dam.Unnamed Mare. Unnamed Stallion.
Unnamed Mare.
Dam. The Chestnut Mare.ch Sire. The Blagdon Horse
aka Yiddles.Bay
Unnamed Stallion.
Unnamed Mare
Dam. The Black Mare.Bl The Lob by HC's White Horse by Jimmy Doyles Horse of Ballymartin Ch. By Bens Horse of Banafay.Bay. By The Shaws Stallion.Grey.
Unnamed Mare

As with all pedigrees of the past, most of what was known about the background of a given horse, was by word of mouth from breeder to seller and more often, passed down through members of the same family for generations. Although we in our family, do a tremendous amount of research, as to the background of our own horses and those of others in the breed, unless DNA can be verified, our knowledge of the background of any horses imported into this country, always comes to us from current breeders and old-timers in the breed, with whom we have spoken personally.
While we try our very best, to give correct pedigrees, from time to time, as our research continues, we sometimes have to change things. As horses in the UK changed hands over the years, they were often given different names, which makes it even more difficult for the pedigree researcher. Mares were seldom named at all.
All pedigrees of horses on our site, are correct to the very best of our knowledge at the time of writing. However, since many in the breed have passed on and DNA is no longer available, we can only go by our current information.
As always, absolute pedigree confirmation, is a constant work in progress.
Our thanks to Albert Coates, Sydney Harker, Jerry Conners and Tom Conners and George Harrison, for much of the information, contained in this and other pedigrees of our horses.
And a special thanks to Dierdre Cash, who kindly interviewed Harry Conners and other members of the Conners family, to ask what they remembered of the Gypsy Horses of yesteryear.


A kiss from Mum for being a good girl at the fair.


Halcyon at two years old
with Steph in the demonstration arena.

Halcy and Steph trotting on.

At the LAEC 2007.

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Gypsy Horses are like potato chips -
you can't have just one!
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