A horse breeder or trainer's dream.
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Welcome to our farm, tucked away high up in the mountains of Southern California.

Originally, it was used as a Thoroughbred breeding establishment and housed over thirty horses. While not a huge property, it was laid out very cleverly by the former owner.

Of course, being in southern California we have no pasture, but all footing is excellent hard pack or sand.

The farm boasts an eleven stall barn, with a tack room and feed room. It also has one extra large foaling stall. Stalls all have automatic waterers and water buckets. Each stall also has a turnout. Turnouts on the north side, are fenced in high stallion wire since we do have wild animals up here. This is where the youngsters or dams with foals are housed.

At the east end of the barn, is a wash rack. On the north side, and behind our four car garage, is a hay barn. There is a regulation size arena, with a covered viewing shelter and seating, plus huge floodlights for nighttime viewing or working.

There are two very long paddocks, with a three sided covered enclosure, plus a large overhang for shelter from the sun for each. All along the east side of the ranch, and slightly higher in elevation, is an extra long stallion enclosure with an open stall and shader. Our stallion when out there, can see all going's on from his vantage point up on the hill and never misses an opportunity to let us know, if something is amiss or happening. There is also a round pen.

The entire place is compact and everything is easily accessible from the house. The whole property is enclosed with double fencing. An outer fence of woven wire (cyclone) and an inner fence of corral pipe panels. It also has several blocks of floodlights so with one flick of a switch, one can see the entire property at night if necessary. There are also two dog runs.

We have RV parking and enough parking space for about thirty cars or a few less cars and horse trailers if we ever decide to host small horse shows. While we have been asked, that might be something we will consider in the future. Since moving in and since the aerial shot was taken, we have planted about sixty trees, which are all thriving and doing well.

We also have a state-of-the-art, dog grooming facility on site.

Up here in the mountains, it's not quite so hot as down in the lower elevations and we have wonderfully clean air and great views all year round.

View of barn from the house.

View of the house.

View of barn inside. This picture was taken when we moved in.
We have now taken down all the wire which was covering the top
of the stall doors and installed a camera. We have also added center aisle
rubber stall mats. This year an automatic fly control
system will be installed.

View of parking area and paddocks from the house.

North end of paddocks with sun shelter.
The paddocks are each several hundred feet long.

View of arena and viewing stand.

View of long stallion corral with shader and three sided stall.

Aerial view.


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