Those who have shared these with us, swear they work.
Try some and make up your own mind.

Bad back?
If you trim your own horse's hoofs, try this.
We teach all our horses to stand closely beside a picnic bench
outside our stalls. This way, we can sit down on the job and take
each hoof in our lap!

Bacon Grease is good to keep!
Keep a jar in your tack room.
Use it to paint on dry and cracked hoofs.
It's also good to use on small cuts and scrapes. etc.

Worried about West Nile Virus?
If you have a large water tank for your horses, clean it out
well and place a few Goldfish or other small fish in it.
They will eat the Mosquito lavae and also feed on hay
droppings. If you have small bowl water features in your
yard, add a few fish to those as well.

Problem with Thrush?
Make sure the horse is on completely dry bedding at all times.
Straight bleach - not the scented kind, sprayed from a
spray bottle two to three times a week into the sole of the
hoof prevents thrush before it happens.

Fly Control for the financially challenged.
Mix I cup vinegar and 1cup water.
Use from a spray bottle on horse.
Spray on a paper towel to wipe the head area.
Works in and around stable are also.

Fungus and/or Lice? Try Sevin Dust.
Safe to use around animals and children. Kills fleas too!!
Buy it in shaker cans from your local Nursery dept. at the
Hardware store.

Want a good cheap treat?
Try Grocery store own brands of Vanilla Wafers or Wal-Mart's
cheap Lemon Pineapple cookies. Our horses love those large
red and white striped Mints also. Just rattle mint wrappers
and you'll never have to try to catch your horse again.

Burrs or shavings in manes and tails?
Hair conditioner mixed with water in a spray bottle works
well. If you are out of hair conditioner, you can use
fabric softener mixed with water in a pinch. Out of both?
Try Pam cooking spray. Soak well and work out tangles and
burrs with fingers. Always rinse well of course.
By the way, most human hair conditioners are pretty much
the same as liquid fabric softeners so in a pinch you can
use that on your own hair.

Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets.
Flies and other flying things, just don't like it.
Stick one around your horse's headband when out for a ride.
Also tuck one into your collar or under the back
of your hardhat.

Flies in the trailer or stall?
Spray inside the horse trailer 15 minutes before you load
the horses. Spray the inside of stalls while your horse is
outside or being exercised.

Manure! Place a couple of shovels full of manure, in a bucket.
Fill with water and leave for a week. Strain and pour on
your flowers and plants. You'll soon see a change for
the better.

Cleaning copper bits with ketchup?
To get them absolutely sparkling, you can use Brasso
but remember to wash and rinse well before use. Some soak
bits in ketchup to let the acid do it's job. Boil stainless
steel bits to remove caked-on grime adding some baking soda.

Sheath cleaning.
If the horse builds up lots of matter or has not been
cleaned regularly, applying a little petroleum jelly or
baby oil the day before will help loosen it. It will be
a lot easier to clean out the next day.

Horse won't drink at a show or away from home?
Get them used to a certain drinking bucket at home first.
Take it to the show with you always. Still won't drink?
Just add some apple juice to their water. After they
start drinking again, slowly lower the amount of juice
that you add. You can also buy bulk Gatorade and add it to
their water bucket. Every few days, clean it out and add
more Gatorade. The flavor encourages them to drink.

Equal parts vinegar and water will take out manure stains
on horses and clothing. It's great for white, gray or
coloured horses.

Preparation H
or any other steroidal preparation, works well for quick
and easy healing of cuts and scrapes.

Run out of fly repellent?
Use Avon Skin So Soft and put in a spray bottle.
It smells great, conditions the hair and the flies
don't seem to like it.

Vinegar again!
Pour 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar into the bran or sweet
feed mix. If they don't like it, start with a smaller amount.
Pour 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into water troughs for
every 25 gallons contained. It's good for them and helps prevent
colic and stones.

Proud Flesh?
Mix a small amount of Adolph's Meat Tenderizer with a little
water - just enough to make a paste. Apply to the area
twice a day until gone.

Use painted Tuna cans nailed to the wall to hang bridles on.
Just the right size and your leather keeps it's shape.
Use coffee cans for girths and large harness pieces.

Listerine works!
Mix equal parts of Listerine mouth wash and some cheap
baby oil. Spray on or apply to tail roots for itchy tails.
Many say it works like magic.

Foals nibbling the tails of their dams?
Try putting a little Vapor Rub on the hair. Foals hate it.
Some have also said that strong smelling disinfectant works
equally well.

Our Member Anne from England, sent us this great tip.
For Rainrot and Scratches, sponge on very sour, live culture
Yoghurt. Within a few days you will see a difference.
Her mare had the worst case her vet had ever seen and had
just about given up trying to cure her. Anne came up with
the Yoghurt idea and found it worked perfectly.


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